Friday, March 11, 2011

Palak Kadhi in Yoghurt Gravy for Tried n Tasted

Its been 5 days since I had time to blog. I had already decided to make Palak Kadhi from Aipi's blog for Tried n Tasted :-)
But my kid going to school from last week turned out to be very tough time for me.
This is the first time, I'm leaving all by himself, and his crying when leaving at school hurts me. Hopefully, he will be okay in a week...
Okay, back to our Aipi's blog, She's amazing, not surprising to anyone. Her recipes are very much mouth watering and am happy to share one of Aipi's recipe with Tried n Tasted!!
I had Spinach with me and made Palak Kadhi for yesterday's dinner. My husband is not a big fan of Kadhi and he had Palak Kadhi with Parathas, I was happy to see him asking for more Kadhi..Hurray!! Thanks to Aipi ;-)
You could find the recipe from the wonderful blogger Aipi's "usmasala" - Palak Kadhi
The yummy Spinach Kadhi was like this!!

Sending this to Tried n Tasted of Aipi's usmasala blog  hosted by other wonderful blogger Priya


  1. Palak kadhi looks wonderful and comforting..

  2. Probably I missed this recipe in Aipi's blog, looks really wonderful.

  3. Kadhi has turned out so well.Hope you and your kiddie has adjusted to school.Sending you some virtual smiles and hugs to cheer you both.I tried your ginger powder and we all loved it .Thank you once again.

  4. Thanks for the kind words dear and trying out the recipe..
    Kadhi came out perfect and am really really glad that you n your family enjoyed it :)

    US Masala

  5. Don't worry dear as these are the initial hiccups that you are facing, soon your baby will adjust to this new change. Palak Kadi looks delicious

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Kadhi looks perfect and delicious.

  7. nice attempt ading spinach in kadi sounds so yummy and healthy too

  8. first time here,u hv a lovley space..palak kadhi is my toddlers fav, looks so tempting n delicious....visit my space as time permits..

  9. The kadhi looks delicious. I usually make it with methi (fenugreek) but will try it with spinach. When kids go to school for the first time, it's always hard for mum and kids. They soon settle down believe me! It was me that needed to keep busy as I missed him so much!!So enjoy your blogging whilst he is at school.

  10. First time here....

    palak kadhi looks healthy and delicious....

    visit my space when u find time :)
    glad to follow u.

  11. looks yummy...we too prepare in a same way...nice presenatation.
    Tasty appetite


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