Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fettuccine with Spinach & Mint

My son loves Pasta/Noodles...Cheesy, Full of Cream...mmmm....I too love to eat anytime...
We recently had Fettuccine Alfredo at Olive Garden which my son loved a lot and thought I will give it a try with Spinach, Mint & some almonds too....
It was a rich recipe...I loved the way my son had it messing up his face with all green I go with the recipe.
Fettucini - half a packet
Garlic - 2 cloves (crushed)
Onion - 1 (cut into small pieces)
Ginger - 1/2 tsp grated
Spinach - 1/2 cup
Mint - 1/4 cup
Almonds - 5 (ground)
Whipped cream - 1/2 cup
Parmesan Cheese - lots..jus' kidding ..1/2 cup
Pepper  - 1/2 tsp
Butter  -  1 tsp
Olive oil -  1 tsp
Salt to taste
Add Fettucini to a pan of boiling water that has salt and 1 tsp of olive oil and cook till tender. Drain it and keep aside.

Melt butter in hot pan, add onion, garlic, ginger. When turned brown, stir it with cut spinach & mint. 
When the spinach and mint are cooked, add ground almond, whipped cream. Stir constantly till the mixture thickens.

Season with salt to taste.
Remove the pan from the stove and add cheese.
Serve over hot pasta and sprinkle on pepper.
The yummy Fettucini is ready to be served!!!

Sending to Kid's delight hosted by Srivalli & Champa, also to  Presto Pasta Nights, Only Original hosted by Nivedita & Pari and Dish name starts with F hosted by Akila


  1. Wow, thats an interesting twist' its also kid-friendly. Me too luv cheesy stuff:)

  2. I too like this type of pasta a lot, looks very creamy and delicious. Love the addition of almonds to it.

  3. I love the creamy pasta and the mint twist is really good.

  4. pasta looks so rich n creamy.. first time here and love to follow u!!


  5. My daughter is a Pasta fan like your son.She would love this creamy delight.

  6. delicious pasta fettuccine pasta with spinach and mint gives awesome green color.

  7. Yumm, thats an addictive and beautiful sauce,looks marvellous and creamy..

  8. I love the looks of the pasta and will probably have some all over my face too when I try it. Thanks for sharing it at the big Presto Pasta Night Party.

  9. cheesy,yummy ,colorful and looks delicious

  10. Yummy additive sauce. I have to try this one out.

  11. Looks yummy..simple thanks for sharing.

    I evenliked your mom's receipe, do get more and keep posting more till your mom's stay/

  12. yum, mint?? what a great flavor twist, this looks delicious. i have strong memory associations with mint since i lived in morocco, so this dish will really take me back. thanks for the reminder to use it!

  13. Delicious combo dear..loved the creamy n flavorful pasta!!

    US Masala

  14. looks sooo yummy....first time here, glad to follow..

  15. First time have a nice blog.
    Pasta looks so creamy and delicious..

  16. Wow!!! this is a very good recipe:)

  17. Pasta looks yummy! First time here .U have go a lovely space

  18. Wow love this pasta - The Mint must have lent an excellent aroma! YUM


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